Saturday, January 14, 2006

What a Week!

Sorry for the brief absence, but this campaign has been running full steam ahead and I haven't had time to jump on-line all that often.

A Brief summary of the week:

Meetings with:

  • The Greater Moncton Airport (Pictured below)
  • The Mayor and Council of Riverview
  • The Mayor of Dieppe
  • The Mayor of Moncton
  • Sunny Brae Middle school (5-6)
  • All Candidates Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce


Press releases for the Airport Overpass and the Petitcodiac River position
  • "Question Jar" Segment for CBC Radio
  • Profile in "Here" Magazine
  • Editorial board meeting (and resulting article) with the Times and Transcript
  • CBC TV Riding Profile
  • Comments in various Print and Radio outlets after the strong showing in the"Women and Families" debate.

Speaking of Debates....

Me, Camille and Ron at the Rogers Debate.

Watch the Debate this week!

We had a very strong showing at the Rogers Television debate and that it will really open a lot of eyes here in the riding. Tune in an get as many of your friends as you can to do the same.


  • January 15 5PM
  • January 16 8PM
  • January 18 7PM
  • January 19 9PM

Saturday will be Blitz day as we'll have all of our volunteers beating the street and getting the message out.

Next week, we enter the home stretch with two more debates, lots of canvassing, plenty of media and maybe even a "Dave Wave" or two to boot!

See you on the doorstep!

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