Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Media Exposure Notice

The Times Transcript's Aloma Jardine did a nice profile on all Candidates.

Here's some of it:

NDP candidate David Hackett got a jump on his fellow candidates by being the first candidate nominated in any party in the Atlantic provinces.

"We thought that sent a strong message that we were serious about this riding and weren't going to take a back seat to anybody this time around," he says.

Hackett says he's already heard a lot of concerns about health care in his rounds.

"We're obviously expecting the (Petitcodiac) river to become one of the focal points of this campaign as well as a lot of the national things like affordable housing, tuition for students, senior care, and health care," he says."

And I think trust is going to be a big issue both nationally and locally in this campaign."


Hackett too believes the time is ripe for third parties.

"We feel the NDP showed we can get results for people with the budget we passed and the work we did on trying to protect health care," he says.

I also found it interesdting that the Conservatives are now advocating the upgrade of the sewage treatment plant. It's been part of our platform for months.

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