Monday, April 30, 2007

E Minus 7!

We're getting into crunch time with only one week left in the campaign! Things are moving at a fast pace now. We'll be all over the Ward and the City in the coming days, attending meetings and events, and of course, meeting all the people we can!

We had a great time up in Pine Tree today (if a little wet), and laid some groundwork for the Election night machinery. Tomorrow we're back on the doorstep for most of the day before heading off to celebrate International Workers Day down at the Lion's Centre on St. George Street.

Before I sign off for the night, I'd thought I'd post the next YouTube Link dealing with the Wastewater Treatment Plant. How a community manages it's sewage is something that concerns everybody and it's high time our city, in conjunction with our neighbors, began the process of upgrading our facilities.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let's Talk about Taxes...

It seems to me we do things a little backwards sometimes. When the capitol budget rolls around, the city estimates what kind of services it needs to provide for the year then sets (or maintains) a property tax rate in line with this.

The problem is that shortly after that, the Province does its property assessments (which, to put it mildly, have tended to be high in recent years) and the net effect is that property taxes are significantly increased even if the tax rate remains flat.

So let's bring accountability back to the city. I propose we put forward a mini-budget to get us through to the timeframe after the assessments are in and then set a fair tax rate based on the current years assessments. So, if the assessments drive the taxes up the city can off-set this with a lower rate. This will take the guesswork and surprise out of the process and give people a fair and reasonable tax system.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Geeks on Ice!

Hey all,

Taking a quick break from the campaign to mention the "Geeks on Ice" Tournament going on all this week to help raise funds for the United Way. Its a great event for a good cause and there's lots of hockey and non-hockey related events to take in. Stop by at Geeks on Ice Tournament and give if you can.

The organisers work amazingly hard at this all year and its exciting to see how much their hard work pays off.

Hockey II 0901

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Successful First Week!

Dear Friends,

What a week it’s been!

The signs are up and I've had nothing but positive comments on them so far. They are really catching people's attention. Lawn signs are now available as well. Drop me a line if you'd like one.

We've also been on the doorstep in force this week and the response has been tremendous. People are excited about injecting fresh ideas into council and making a real difference.

I'm also pleased to unveil my next YouTube Video, discussing improvements to our city’s parks, a subject I'm sure is as important to your family as it is to mine.

This weekend look for me at the Farmer's Market as well as at the Nazareth House Trivathon fundraiser on Sunday.

As always, I'll be on the doorstep and hope to see you there.

-Dave H.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Signs of Things to Come

Had a great day yesterday with the sign team, getting the signs up around the Ward. These guys always work so hard and do such a tremendous job.

We're the first campaign to have our signs out and get visibility in the Ward.

Thanks to George, Joe, Jim, Andrew and Jack for the fantastic effort. Their hard work really shows!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1 Hour to Kick Off!

Dear Friends,

It's been a busy week, and the campaign machine is revved up and ready to go. The signs are in, the nomination papers are ready and we've shot some great video segments.

Tomorrow, I'll be filing my papers with the returning officers and everything will be official.

In the coming days look for signs to go up, canvassing to begin and a few surprises as well.

I'll also be introducing a series of YouTube videos to outline some of the ideas I have for our neighbourhoods and our city.

For Example:

Expect even more in the coming days.

See you on the doorstep.

-Dave H.