Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"An Election Carol"

While canvassing Dominion St. , one of our volunteers came across this lawn display:

Turns out it's the work of Michelle LeBlanc and her firend Tom Windle. Michelle planned to make the display as a Christmas gift for Tom, but she got behind schedule and decided to save it for election week.

Have a look at some of Michelle's characters:

The Liberal Scrooge:

The Conservative Grinch:

NDP Rudolph (lighting the way...)

And of course, the story is not complete without Tiny Tim:

I had never met Tom and Michelle before today, but I'm sure glad I got to. They have a great sense of fun and obviously put a lot of hard work into this.

And what's really great is that Tom and Michelle are indicative of a lot of people I'm meeting on the doorstep. People who are fed up with the Liberals and Conservatives and really ready for positive change in this riding. We're getting a lot of buzz and our momentum is growing.

The next six days will be a mini-marathon for me, but thinking of all the people I've met and the families that we've been able to help so far in this campaign, I know we'll hit that finish line. And with your help, we'll get there first!

-DH (pictured with Tom below - Michelle had to get to work before we got the camera)

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