Monday, December 19, 2005

Media Expsoure Notice!

Article by Charles Perry in today's Times Transcript on all three candidates.

Quoting our portion of it:

"New Democratic Party hopeful David Hackett, a test analyst with Whitehill Technologies, said his campaign headquarters is located in Wedgwood Centre at 1201 Mountain Rd. "I am very happy with the work our team has been doing. We have been campaigning all over the place and we were the first to get our signs out in the area."

He said he has got the jump on his two opponents, by being the first NDP candidate nominated in Canada and the first candidate of any stripe to be nominated in the Atlantic provinces.

As a result, Hackett said he has had the chance to visit a lot of homes. "We want to send out a strong message that we are very serious about winning this race and we have our organization in place. I think people are taking more notice of us this time around," he said.

However, they will be slowing down the campaigning during the Christmas week, said the NDP standard-bearer. "Our office will still be open, but we have no intention of aggressively knocking on people's doors and bothering them during the holidays. But we will be following the holidays with a big blitz in January."

Hackett said many of the electors are telling him that they are "very afraid" of losing their medicare and public health care. He said a large part of the reason there is a federal election, now, is that his party was trying to get assurance from the Liberal government that it would protect health care in Canada.

He has also heard a lot of interest from the people regarding the future of the Petitcodiac River, said the NDP hopeful. He said his party has thrown its support behind Option 4B, which is to remove the Causeway gates and have a new bridge built."

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